Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lesson Ideas for Activity Days for a year

Activity Days Ideas
8-9 year old class

1- Learning & Living #8 Family History stories, pedigree, and group sheets
3-Serving Others #2-Saying Thanks-Make Cards, make mini pies for treats
Preparing to Have an Eternal Family-Place Settings, the importance of the family Meal, plan a nutritious meal

1-Mother Daughter Gingerbread Houses-Recognition

3-Spiritual Gifts-The Littlest Angel
   Treating Others Kindly-The Christmas Orange
   Treating Others Kindly-Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer & reindeer candy canes

1-Living and Learning the Gospel#1-The Sacrament, Baking Bread or Bread sampling
3-Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy-Journal Jars, make flower pens

1-Serving Others optional project-Heart Attacks for primary presidency, new move-ins, teachers,  etc.
3-Choosing Good Friends-Friendship Bracelets

1- Living and Learning the Gospel #2-Learn to teach Joseph Smith and the first vision for FHE, talk about prayer.  Practice teaching first vision, Have pretzels for treats (pretzels symbolize folding arms for prayer).
3- Daily Personal Prayer-Pajama Party

1- Bee of Service Activity, Elder Ballard talk
3- I can Follow God’s Plan - Atonement Symbols Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Jelly Bean Jars Activity

1-Strengthening Family-Mother/Daughter activity/Recognition
3-CTR & repentance-Needlework Gospel Reminders

June (During the summer months it is very difficult to get girls to attend activities, I find field trips that involve parents work better)
1-Developing Talents#5-go to a free museum or free community cultural event (keep an eye out and plan ahead, sometimes there are free shows or concerts at county fairs)
3-Appreciating Gods Creations-go on a hike

1-Water Activity-Water increases summertime attendance, but the most important thing is teach the gospel, be sure to have a powerful lesson before the girls get wet.
3-Ice Cream, Popsicle, or Smoothie Making Class-Again, the most important thing is teach the gospel, be sure to have a powerful lesson before the yummy food.

1-Health & Hygiene-fieldtrip to cosmetology school?, manicures, pedicures, facials, or make sugar hand scrub, etc.
3-Pennies By The Inch fundraising

1-Developing Talents (#1)-Budgeting
price is right or paper money games, or
Act out the tithing parable.
Daddy Daughter Activity

3-Modesty-Modesty Paper Dolls
Repentance-Soap Carving
Before Conference Teach the Girls the updated Apostles song off YouTube.  First quickly teach the apostles so that they will understand the song (I say quickly because 15 is a lot and if you aren't quick they'll lose interest), then watch the video FIVE times during the activity and they won't be able to get it out of their heads.

1- Righteous Entertainment and/or Good Books-TBA (play some fun card or group games to show that we don't have to watch inappropiate movies to have fun, have a book club where everyone does a spotlight on their favorite book and or movie)

3- Living and Learning the Gospel #3-Holy Ghost-TBA  mark scriptures.  Then do a ghost craft 1) frost Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate to make ghost cookies.  Use chocolate chips for eyes. or 2) or make Boo Cups (jello chocolate pudding, crumbled oreo topping with cool whip on top, put two mini chips on the cool whip to make it look like a Halloween ghost standing on oreo dirt)

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