Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Service Party with Easter Craft

3 Activity Day Ideas

#1 Easter Jelly Bean Poem Jars 

Easter Jelly Beans

Green-is for the grass he made
Yellow-the light of each new day
Pink-His power to raise the dead
Orange-for fish and 5000 fed
Purple-He calmed the stormy sea
Red-His blood in Gethsemane
Black-He knows our every sin
White-He can make us clean again

Easter Jellybean Poem Jar Labels
Brachs jellybeans in the classic colors and classic flavor.
Get babyfood jars, we used the peach puree for waffle topping and smoothies. (the sticky part can be removed by rubbing vegetable oil and leaving overnight, or else the label can be put over the sticky part)
ribbon, you might want to tie a bow for each jar in advance so they just have to be glued on, depending on the age of your girls and how well they can tie bows.   We glued ribbon around edge of the lid and glued a bow on top of it.
Make some pom pom/cotton ball bunnies and ducks.
Eastergrass, shredded green paper, or spanish moss (all available in dollar stores), you could glue this on in advance with a glue gun.
Glue guns or Tacky glue

Lesson: Talk about the service the Savior did for us by discussing the jelly bean poem.  If there is time you could let a different girl explain what each color means to them.  Help the girls recognize the spirit and understand that the things in the poem are things we know about Jesus.  We can think about them during the Sacrament, they are things that help us love him more, and they are part of our testimony of the Savior.

To make Jars:
1) Make pom pom animals (can do this as a gathering activity as the girls arrive if you wish)
2) fill the jars with jelly beans
2) tape the poem over the sticky part on the jar where the baby food label used to be.
3) hot glue a pom pom animal on the lid.

If you have the girls make their own pom pom animals, you'll need several glue guns to avoid a bottleneck on the craft.  Tacky glue also works very well for pom pom animals and isn't hot!  The girls can make more than one animal and choose their favorite for the jar.

resources for this activity:
paper and ribbon mini treat jars (scroll down to four days before halloween)
the girls could make these cute jar toppers with scrapbook paper, I wonder what colors would look best with classic jellybean colors...

#2 Missionary Letters
Draw pictures of the first vision to send to the missionaries in your ward.  (They could write letters or thoughts too, but for our mostly eight year old girls I thought the pictures were more meaningful for the girls to make and the missionaries to receive.)

#3 Service Bingo
I made some service clip-art and bingo cards. All of the service activities pictured are things 8 and 9 year olds can do. There are 35 items, so when they got bingo we talked about the items they had on their board.  They learned about the many ways they can serve others in daily life. (Right click on thumbnails to save them to your computer for printing, or left click to open photo stream and then right click for higher resolution.  Also, I have sent files to people who request it in the comments, I don't publish their e-mail addresses.)


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    1. Yep, I'm sending it, hope it makes a good activity for you.

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  3. I just deleted some of the previous comments requesting the file to keep the e-mails private. Anyway, one way to try to get these Bingo cards is to left click on the images to bring up the full-size image and then right click to open them in a new window or to download them. Then they will print full-size. If that doesn't work and I get the e-mail in time, I'll try to send the file.