Saturday, April 30, 2011

Faith In God Relay

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This activity was part of our Stake Day Camp, but would be a great weekly activity too.

Purpose: to introduce the girls to the different sections of the Faith in God book.

Show the girls the book and talk about why the program is important for them.

Living and Learning the Gospel Relay.

1) Prayer Rocks: Have a pail of rocks with the letters on them to spell prayer. First the girls pull out the rocks needed to spell the word prayer.
2) Balloon Pop: Have a bunch of balloons stuffed with scriptures. We had a question to go with each scripture. When the girl gets her scripture reference, have a leader help her look it up and find the answer to her question, then she is done and she can go help her teammates.

Serving Others Relay. Talk about different service activities in the book

Our stake has done lots of service relays like making a bed, sorting laundry, singing a song, doing a dance, etc. This was the one we did this year.

1)Make a meal (take mom breakfast in bed): The girls put on an apron and then loaded a tray with cereal, a muffin, a fruit cup, orange juice, spoon, and a napkin.

2)Help take care of a child: Change a diaper on a baby doll and then rock the baby and sing eensy weensy spider.

3)Service to Country: we had some little flags and they had to pick it up and say the pledge of allegience.

Developing Talents. Talk about why developing talents is important and the ones in the book (art, music, art appreciation, money management, hair, fashion, sports, etc)

1)sports: do a three legged race
2)art: have paper and markers at the end of the three legged race. The girls need to think up a food and then draw it, then their team guesses what it is like pictionary.
note: the pictionary was pretty popular, the girls liked picking what to draw and all wanted more than one turn.

My Gospel Standards. (We were supposed to do the matching game from the friend June 2008, but my daughter hates matching and memory games and begged me to do something else like bowling.)

Preparation: Have a picture for each of the my gospel standards. Put them on a poster, so that when a girl gets done bowling or golfing or throwing bean bags or whatever carnival game you choose, she can pick one off for you to discuss. I used these pictures.

For our carnival game I bought the $5 bowling game from walmart. Its cheap and no fun, but we poured about 3Tbs of salt in the bottom of each pin and taped it closed, then it became a super awesome bowling set, the difficulty was the same as a real bowling alley. If a girl got 8 or more pins down I let her pick a standard off the My Gospel Standards poster.

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