Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preparing For Young Women activity with "The Lost Purse" parable

My daughter is 11 and this was what her group did today.  I share it because it is simple, fun, and has a powerful message for the girls!

They brought their scriptures so they could pass off one of the activities in the section of their Faith in God book titled "Preparing for Young Women".  Then they read or watched Elder Cook's lost purse parable,
The Lost Purse
If you don't recall, this is a story about how what a girl carries in her purse showed what kind of a girl she was.  There is so much that can be taught from this story, it opens up a great discussion and it goes along with the theme of the activity "Preparing for Young Women" perfectly!  Then the girls made "purses" by hole punching the top two corners of a sandwich bag and making purse straps out of the gift-wrapping ribbon.  Then they put things from the story in them.

ideas of things to put in purses:

For the Strength of Youth cards (free at church distribution centers, or print the words from
breath mints
a recipe
post-its of service opportunities
a pen

(Girls could also make duct tape purses with pictures of things from the story in them.  I see duct tape crafts everywhere I go.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea. I was in search of one along these lines. How delightful! Thank you!