Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't Get Hooked (My Gospel Standards Activity)

This was a "my gospel standards" activity.  We read the list from the back of the Faith in God book at the beginning and referred to it often during our discussion.

For this activity one of the leaders brought her fishing tackle box and fishing gear.  She showed the girls all her different kinds of bait and talked about how Satan wants to bait us. She talked about what happens to fish when they bite.  The girls participated in thinking of the kind of baits that are out there such as media, drugs, cheating, being unkind to others, etc.  Then she put a marshmallow bait on her pole and asked the girls if any of them would be willing to bite.  Most said no.  Then she put a gummy worm on the pole and asked who would like that treat.  She was very persistent, she took the pole around to all the girls and tried to "tempt" them.  She gave them lots of time to think about it.  A few more said they'd bite.  Finally she put a Hershey bar on the hook and asked who would be tempted by that.  She also tried hard to sell this one.  A Hershey bar is so much better than a marshmallow, its bigger, chocolate makes everything better, etc.   It was very entertaining for the girls.  Then, we talked about how no matter how tempting the bait is, it is still bait and it can still harm us.  Finally we made bracelets with an ocean theme to remind the girls to "not get hooked".  There are a lot of fish and ocean crafts that could go great with this lesson.  The analogy was really good for the girls, I think they'll remember it a long time.  The girls got swedish fish and gummy worms for a treat at the end. Yum!
note: you can right click on the picture and save it to your computer's "downloads" folder.  Then you can open it up on your computer and it should print. 

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