Friday, October 3, 2014

Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal

  • Serving Others #4
  • Plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal.
This was goal took two activities. 

Part 1: Plan a nutritious meal.
The first activity we talked about healthy foods and how to plan a nutritious meal.  We talked a little bit about the importance of family meals as well in regard to strengthening the family.  We looked throughpiles of cook books (library helps) and then the girls had coloring pages which they got to fill in with their meal plans.  The we shared them with each other.  This was a simple and very fun activity.
We talked about having a large salad/vegetable and then a main course and side dish.  Very simple and basic for 8 year olds.  The girls came to the conclusion themselves that dessert isn't really needed.  Good job girls.

Part 2: prepare and serve a nutritious meal.
We had a lesson on service.  We talked about how planning and preparing food for others is ALWAYS service.  We talked about having grattitude for parents and others who prepare our food.  We talked about the efforts people put into planning meals and making them nice.  Then we had a simple nutritious meal the girls could help prepare.  We did not allow any of the girls to cut or chop since they are all 8 and our stake leaders recommend against that, but the girls were able to do the rest.  They 
"designed" salads and put together a chicken salad with ingredients of their choosing.  Then we served them and had dinner together.  This was a lot of fun as well.  We sent the girls home with recipes and told them next time their mom was looking for dinner ideas, they could offer to help make this meal.

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