Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review: How Do These Things Testify of Christ?

Purpose: To focus on the theme scripture for activity days, "That they might know thee". To provide an opportunity to testify of Christ at every activity. To teach the girls to understand symbolical teaching.

I wanted to teach the girls to start seeing the Savior in everything and I didn't want an activity to go by that doesn't clearly testify of the Savior, so each week. I bring a picture of the Savior and reminders of previous activities. The girls have to identify the how the reminders symbolize or testify of Christ. This activity focuses them on Christ and prepares them to better understand the teachings of the Savior who also taught this way when he used parables. So far I've done six activities, so now we have six reminders for the girls to review next time. It goes quick so I keep reviewing them again and again instead of just the last activity. I'll start dropping old ones off when I have a bigger list. My hope is that our girl's will instantly think of Christ whenever they come across them in their daily lives.

I display a picture of Christ on a table with the reminders around it during each activity.

Lysol wipes (from nursery cleaning activity): The Savior's atonement can wipe away our sins.
Lip Gloss (from worthy thoughts activity): On the cross, the Savior's lips were parched and they gave him vinegar. He suffered so that we don't have to if we repent and come unto him.
Thank You Card (from gratitude activity): In the story of the ten lepers we learn that we should always say thank you. We do not want to be one of the ones who forgets to thank the Savior.
Birthday Present: (from birthday party) The Savior's free gift to us is the resurrection!
Orange (from Christmas Oranges): Fruit of the tree of life is "The love of God", oranges and all fruit can symbolize to us our Savior's love

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