Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Candy Cars for Dads

we are getting ready for the Daddy Daughter (pinewood) Derby in two weeks, but you could do this activity for Father's  Day in June and make cards and race cars for the Dad's that say "You're a Winner!"  This could fulfill the Faith in God requirement to write a letter of appreciation to someone.

For the activity, we had a "racing" theme.  I talked to the girls about the Kentucky Derby, "the most exciting two minutes in all of sports" and about what a thoroughbread is.  Then I shared Marvin J Ashton's story "He's a thoroughbred" in my own words.  There is a horse that is trained to go to his master when he hears a bell no matter what the circumstances.  We talked about "the Master" being the Lord.  I had them think up things that might be "bells" in our lives and things that might tempt us to ignore the bell.  In the the story the horses are tested with a three day fast to see if they will choose water or their master.  If they choose their master they are a "thoroughbred" otherwise they are a cull.  The girls wanted to know how many horses passed the water test.  We talked about how the arabian horses were famous for being obedient and how the girls in our class can become well known for the same trait.

For the activity, the girls colored invitations for their Dad's to the Daddy Daughter Date and then they each made three teddy graham race cars.  I used royal icing with a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder for the glue.  You could use something else, but royal icing (eggwhite, cream of tarter, powder sugar) hardens up QUICK so it was easier for the girls to finish their cars and take them home without the wheels falling off.

We made our teddy graham cars with milky way bars and m&m's, but the picture above has cuter colors, are those skittles?  Anyway, any round candy would work...


  1. I love the idea of a pinewood derby for a daddy daughter activity. Can you tell me what exactly the night is going to entail? Thanks!

  2. The Derby is pretty easy. The girls bring cars and race them. You'll have time for a lesson and treats, then awards and you are done. We also took pictures of the girls with their Dads. We had a "get to know your Dad better" type of questionaire for those who arrived first to fill out while they waited for the racing to start. Scheduling is hard, you have to schedule race tracks far in advance and pass out the cars at least a month in advance.

  3. Thanks so much for the inspiration and answering all of my questions!