Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Gospel Standards Bowling Activity

Teach the girls how to bowl and discuss every single standard at the same time!  You could play a full 10 frames and still have time for chips or popcorn!  We did this at stake day camp with only one turn per girl and FHE with ten turns per kid.  It was really fun.

Preparation: Have a picture for each of the my gospel standards. Put them on a poster, so that when a girl gets done bowling she can pick one off for you to discuss. I used these pictures.

Have a lesson introducing My Gospel Standards.  Then bowl and review.  Bowling is a great wholesome activity that helps girls have fun living their "Gospel Standards".

How to:
I bought the $5 bowling game from walmart/Toys R Us. Its cheap and no fun, but we poured about 3Tbs of salt in the bottom of each pin using a homemade funnel and taped it closed, then it became a super awesome bowling set, the difficulty was the same as a real bowling alley. I use a yoga mat for the lane with tape marking where to set up pins, but you can make a bowling lane using tape on the floor as well.  I use a heavier ball than comes with the bowling set  .  

If a girl got 8 or more pins down I let her pick a standard off the My Gospel Standards poster to discuss and get a little treat.  If you can't set them up quick enough use six pins, it is just as fun.

here is the tape on the bottom of the bowling pins:

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