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Easter Jelly Bean Poem Jars

Lesson: This activity we will be finding some new ways to remind ourselves of Jesus.  This poem covers his role as creator (green & yellow), exemplar (yellow), savior (pink), compassion & miracles (orange), comforter (purple), atonement (red), judge (black), mediator (white).  You could give them each a line of the poem and let them teach about how that color reminds us of Jesus or perhaps have visual aides and let the girls guess how each reminds us of Jesus.  Ideas: a globe=creator, lightbulb= he made the day and night, sunrise picture=resurrection, goldfish crackers=feeding the five thousand.

The bottom line of this lesson is that we need to remember him more often than we remember him.  One of my favorite quotes of all time says it best:
"We must know Christ better than we know him; we must remember him more often than we remember him; we must serve him more valiantly than we serve him." 
Howard W. Hunter" from the talk "What Manner of Men Ought Ye to Be?"

Then make easter Jelly Bean Poem Jars.  It is nice to have some jelly beans to eat that are not in the jar, so that the jar makes it home still filled with Jelly Beans where they can show their family and reteach what they have learned.

Easter Jelly Beans

Green-is for the grass he made
Yellow-the light of each new day
Pink-His power to raise the dead
Orange-for fish and 5000 fed
Purple-He calmed the stormy sea
Red-His blood in Gethsemane
Black-He knows our every sin
White-He can make us clean again

Print the Easter Jellybean Poem, if you right click on the picture below you should be able to save the picture to your computer.  Then you can open and print it.  You can left click to open the photostream and that might give a higher resolution of the printable.

Buy Brachs jellybeans in the classic colors and classic flavor.
Get babyfood jars, we used up the peach puree for waffle topping and smoothies.  Optional: put vegetable oil on the sticky part of the jars and let it sit overnight, wipe off the sticky part in the morning with a paper towel.
Glue a ribbon around the edge of the lid and some easter grass on the lid, I used green paper that I put through my paper shredder.  You could use spanish moss or easter grass or green shredded paper that are all available at dollar stores.  glue a ribbon bow on top of the ribbon border.  You might want to tie the bows in advance if you have mostly 8 and 9 year olds.  Our girls had a hard time making their own bows.
Make some pom pom/cotton ball bunnies and ducks.  This could be a great gathering activity as the girls arrive.  They could use tacky glue and then when its time to decorate the jars they would be dry and they could use their favorite animal as the jar topper plus maybe have an extra one to take home.

To make Jars:
1) fill the jar with jelly beans, you could have the girls equally divide the colors among the jars by pouring them out on a cookie sheet.  I have found that many of the girls enjoy sorting the candy and dividing it.
2) tape the poem over the sticky part on the jar where the baby food label used to be.
3) hot glue a pom pom/cottonball animal on the lid.  Remind girls that the baby animals remind us that Jesus was resurrected in the spring!

the easter grass goes on better with a hot glue gun, and hot glue is best for putting the pom poms on the grass, but you could use tacky glue or hot glue to put the ribbon around the edge of the jar and the bow on the jar lid.  If you use all hot glue you will have a bit of a bottleneck, so you might have the girls bring an extra glue gun.  We usually have the leaders do all the hot gluing.

The jars should go pretty quickly, you will probably have time for socializing, treats, a storybook, or even an easter egg hunt for extra jelly beans, egg hunts are always fun easter activities.

resources for this activity:

cottonball animals

paper and ribbon mini treat jars (scroll down to four days before halloween)
the girls could make these cute jar toppers with scrapbook paper, I wonder what colors would look best with classic jellybean colors...

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