Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pennies by the Inch and "Painting" Pumpkins.

You can use mini pumpkins or orange plates!
My girls always somewhat dreaded the pennies by the inch drive that we do each fall, so one year we painted pumpkins.  Another year we called it reverse trick or treating and gave them a little candy for every door where someone was home.  Anyway, pumpkins and candy both turned this into a favorite activity.  For pumpkins plus a Pennies collection, we had to have a 90 min activity instead of our regular time, but it was worth it.  Today I just found a really fun way to decorate mini pumpkins.

Modge Podge pumpkins!  You clan play with lots of face pieces and then paint them on.  Computer paper was thin enough, but construction paper was not.  I found that colored paper dots or other shapes look good on the back and sides for more fun and personality.  First paint the face area of the pumpkin white with regular modge podge, then stick on a face, and then paint over that.  If the paper won't mold to the pumpkin, water down some modgepodge like paper mache glue and use that.  You can draw faces or mouths with sharpie on paper and cut it out (that is how we did the mouth above) or use computer clip art, both turned out very cute.  ( I like to put a bit of orange around the eye and mouth clip art so I don't have to cut very carefully.)  Most younger activity day girls appreciate adults helping them cut neatly which always surprises me, but is good to anticipate.  You may want to cut the mouths and noses in advance.  I don't cut the eyes until I'm sure they are going to be used because they are a pain.

If the modepodge is put on thinly, it will be mostly dry when its time to go home.  If it is thick and there are white blobs, the girls will have to use TLC to get them home.  Popcorn, apples, or candy corn make great Fall treats!

the boys pumpkins we did were scary

the girls pumpkins were happy.

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