Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Word of Wisdom and Black Bean Brownies

Today we talked about the word of wisdom and making good food choices.   Then we did a sneaky chef baking project.  I did a cooking demo were I pureed one can of black beans added it to a brownie mix.  You don't need a baking mix to do black bean brownies.  You can sub the pureed black beans for 1/3 cup oil/butter and 1 egg in any brownie recipe.

I asked the girls why they would want to do this?  Beans are a high fiber and protein rich food and these are good for our bodies so the more ways we can get them into our diet the better.  I had a pan of brownies already made and then we baked the second one.  That way I didn't have to worry about the brownies not being ready in time for  the end of the activity.  While the brownies baked we worked on the thirteenth article of faith.  This was so easy and one of the girl's favorite activities.

I've removed pictures/recipe from this post there are lots of versions out there so I'll let you pick your own, have fun!

I know we should have done veggie trays and smoothies for a "healthy" word of wisdom activity, but the original idea was to make brownies while we learned the thirteenth article of faith and we thought it would be fun to show the girls a unique way to make yummy brownies.


  1. just found your site, love all your ideas, I'm the activity day leader for a while now and I'm running low, thanks for a fresh start!!!

  2. i LOVE all of your ideas:) thank you so much for sharing!!

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